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The Secrets Behind 1 Million Traffic A Day

About 2 years ago, I started a link building network. The basic idea of this network is that members set up an article directory in some of their websites, allow other members to post articles to it and they can do likewise.

Fast-forward 2 years now, guess what….

The entire network of article directories (more than 4000 of them) are getting more than 1 million traffic a day from the search engine. This is something I’ve never expected.

How do we make it happen? Well, that’s what I’m going to share with you in today’s post.

You see, getting traffic for the article directories, honestly, is not the intended objective. The intended objective of the system is to help its members to get backlinks through posting articles.

But simply posting article to a ton of websites isn’t going work, because most of the articles are not going to be indexed, or even if they are indexed, they do not have much link value. This is what is happening to many link building networks in the market now.

The solution? Backlinks, again.

That means in order to make those published articles worth more, you have to build links to those articles that eventually link to you. That’s why nowadays, you see tons of “link booster” system flourishing.

Understanding this fact, we devised a system to ping and build backlinks to EVERY article posted in the article directories in our network, before these articles eventually link to our members’ websites.

Imagine a website where every article posted in it has got other websites linking to it. That’s the picture of each of the article directory in our network, in the eyes of the search engine.

What happens when the search engine sees such a website? If the search engine can talk, he will say “wow, this got to be a popular site with many people are raving about it”.

As a result, the articles posted in our article directories rank very well in the search engine. In fact, in total, they receive over a million traffic every day. (We know it because all the articles are served via our server and we record the daily hits.)

That is one part of the equation, the most important part.

The other part of the equation is relevance.

The article directories in our network are a general one, yet the articles posted in them can rank well in almost any niche. Why is that so?


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