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3 Simple Online Traffic Strategies You Can Start Using Today

In today’s blog, I’ve invited Henry Zeng, founder of and, to share with us how he generates traffic to his websites. Read on to find out what he has to share with us……

First off, traffic isn’t something that happens overnight. It is something you have to build on a daily basis. You need to set up a strategy and work on it every day to build a flow of visitors to your site from different sources.

1) Forum Marketing Traffic Flow

The first tactic I want to share is to use forums and message boards to start drawing traffic (and sales) immediately.

Online communities, or forums, are great channels to promote your links. You will be allotted a signature box, where you can put your links on. For every post you make, your signature box

Obviously, you can only do this through your signature link, and every forum has its own rules about how signature spaces can be used.

The best way to find forums in your niche is to do a search in Google for something like “[your market] forum”, or by searching directories like and You’ll also want to check if Google Groups has any relevant categories as well.

No money spent, no website required, nothing to lose. And there is no looking back. The traffic you can pull from this strategy alone is incredible.

2) Download Directory Submission

I haven’t realized until recently that there are a lot of million-dollar software companies out there whose primary marketing strategy isn’t affiliates, SEO, PPC or any “typical” marketing tactics.

They get almost all of their traffic straight off software directories like,, and thousands of other sites like these.

This tactic involves creating free software like screensavers, rss readers, web toolbars and then submitting to software directories.

Actually you don’t need to create those applications at all. You can just use a HTML to EXE converter software and turn your salespage into an .exe application. Do a search on Google and you will find several free converters available.

The software directories require you to use what is called a pad file to get all the information about your software.

After you create your software, you then can use a pad file submission program to submit your pad file to 1000s of directories. I personally use a paid software called Robosoft to submit all the software I create.

This tactic is quite successful to me. All the software I submitted brings me some nice, consistent traffic. It’s extra 40 subscribers or more per day.


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