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Make Money Blogging With Google’s Free Tool: Wonder Wheel

Nowadays it seems that everyone is a blogger. Whether you are a new blogger or a blogging expert, I’m sure you will come to a point when you ask yourself: “What should I write today?”

Today I’m going to show you a fun tool from Google that can help you to think of all kinds of topics to write for your blog. With this tool, you will never run out of ideas again.

This tool is called Google Wonder Wheel.

I’ll show you how to use this tool with an example.

Say you have a blog on the Internet Marketing niche. Now, head to and type in Internet Marketing in the search box.

On the right hand side of the Google result page, you will see a link that says “More search tools”. Click on that.

Look for a link that says “Wonder wheel”. Click on that.

Voila, you’ve got a powerful visual keyword research tool.

You can click on each of the keywords to spin off another ‘wheel’.


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