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How To Find JV Partners

In this article, I will share with you some of my recent experiences in finding JV partners.

As you probably know, we’re nearing the launch of our new link building system and I’m dead busy preparing for the launch. One of the things I am busy doing is to find JV partners for the launch.

Getting Big Names To Be Your JV Partners

Thinking that I have a good product and some reputation in the market, I thought maybe I can try sending a JV proposal to some of the big names out there. So I did.

I sent out about 10-15 emails either to their email addresses or via their online support. The result? None. Either they reply with an industry standard reply “My schedule is full” or there is no reply at all.

Kind of expected, but I thought no harm trying my luck.

The lesson? Don’t be disappointed if you are rejected!

Getting Big Names To Be Your JV Partners - The Correct Way

Alright, above is a negative demonstration. Here’s the correct way to do it.

Over the past years, I was acquainted with other big names and have helped them either in their product launches or in other aspects.

This time, when I sent them a JV proposal, most of them respond favorably.

You see, big names are busy. They have their own businesses to run and are not in any need to promote any product. The only reason they will consider your JV proposal is because you’ve done them a favor in the past.

So before you even think of approaching big names as JV partners, you probably need to start building rapport months or years ahead. If they have a product launch, help them in the launch and be one of the top sellers. Get them to know you in person. This will dramatically increase your chance of getting them to help you in your product launch.


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SEO Case Study - Free SEO Tutorial (Part 6)

I have almost covered all you need to know about SEO in Part 1 to 5 of our Free SEO Tutorial series.

Today will be the last episode.

The best way to sum up this tutorial series is to give you an SEO case study of successful website. A good example I can think of is you are very new to the IM industry, you should know You probably also know that the articles in Ezinearticles get very high ranking in Google search results.

But why?

As the old saying goes, “success leaves tracks”. Today, let’s try to find these tracks! If you found any tracks that I missed, feel free to add them in the comments section.

Step 1: High Site Authority

Ezinearticles has a high site authority. As discussed in Free SEO Tutorial (Part 1), when you have a high site authority, anything you post will turn gold! A little exaggerated, but you get the idea.

What really makes it an authority site is everyone’s guess. But these are some of the clues we can gather:

i) Age. Checking on, was created in 1999. was created in 1997. So Ezinearticles is only 2 years younger!

ii) It has a PR of 6 now. It means it has lots of backlinks to the site.

iii) It has lots of contents (some unique, mostly duplicated due to the nature of its service).

iv) It has lots of backlinks to its internal pages, i.e. the article pages.

All these are the known factors that contribute to a site authority, and it has all of them!

Step 2: Relevant Webpage Content And Links

The article page in Ezinearticles is keyword focused. If you go to an article about dog, you will notice that everything on that page is about dog. That includes all the internal links.

If you are a blogger, this is an important clue for you. If you are blogging everything under the sun (which is okay), please avoid plugins like popular posts, recent comments etc. This is because the randomness nature of the content generated by these plugins will dilute the relevancy of your blog post. Instead, you should use plugins like related posts that will show only related articles. Always ask yourself, how can you become a mini Ezinearticles?

Step 3: Lots Of Keyword-Focused Internal Links

Having relevant internal links on every webpage is not good enough, you need lots of them! Go to any article page on Ezinearticles and count how many internal links there are. Besides the standard navigation links, it has 45 other internal links all linking to other webpages in the same niche!

You see, Google Search’s objective is to return the most relevant resource that people search for. If your webpage has lots of internal links to other webpages related to the searched keywords, your webpage looks like a great resource center. That’s what Google likes!

Step 4: Lots Of Keyword-Focused Internal Links

Same title as point #3. It’s not a mistake.

There is another benefit of having lots of keyword-focused internal links. It has to do with content duplication.

Since Ezinearticles allows webmasters to publish its articles on their websites, it naturally creates duplicated contents. But with 45 other links on every article, they effectively turn every article unique!

A simple word count on the titles of 45 links shows that they can easily amount to 500 words! Ezinearticles articles are usually 250 to 1000 words long. So even if we take an article with 1000 words, with 500 other ‘keyword-focused’ words, that article is easily 50% unique compared to the same article published elsewhere!

Some of you may ask, doesn’t Google check content duplication sentence by sentence? It doesn’t.


Also consider the idea of owning your own customer helpdesk, read more...

Check out my own HelpDesk here
Visit here for: Online Income, Advertising, Marketing and Traffic Generation Resources
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