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How To Make Life Changing Income: Net Bug Video Advertising Network Review:

NetBug Video Network - Watch Videos and GET PAID plus lots more.

(Notice: The membership area will not be open or available for viewing until July 04th.)

I would like to invite you to a new, exciting program, sure to interest many people across the World. This should be a Grand Adventure.

* It's Easy! You watch videos... You Get Paid!

* When you refer others to Net Bug... You Get Paid!

* They pay their monthly fees... You Get Paid!

* Your referrals buy Ad packs and... You Get Paid!

* When their referrals buy ad packs... You Get Paid!

* When your free members buy an ad... You Get Paid!

* When their free members buy an ad... You Get Paid!

Everytime You Refer A New $39.90 Member You'll Get 50% For Your Fast Start Bonus Commission.

Everytime One Of Your Referrals, Refer A $39.90 Member you'll get 25% Of Their Commission - this line does not end!


This is set to be a very simple and very powerful affiliate plan...

Here's how it works, everyone you refer to a $39.90 Net Bug membership earns you a 50% ( $19.95 ) Fast Start Bonus commission.

Your next income stream is: the people that you refer will often refer some number of other people, when they do, we pay you 25% of the new sign up.

This means you make money on all the people you refer to membership and also all the people that the people you refer, refer!

$39.90 sign up fee X your 25% commission = $9.97

Your next income stream: will be your monthly residual income, as not only do you make money when they join, but you also make money every month they make a payment.

And again this is for all the people you referred to membership and all the people they then referred to membership.

Your Tier I monthly payment of 39.90 X your monthly commission at 25% which is $9.97 and...

Your Tier II monthly residual monthly commission at 12.5% which is $4.98


Let's do a very reasonable example of what you can expect...

Let's say you bring in 50 people in your first month. You will make approximately $2,000.00 in commissions.

Now let's say that those 50 people bring in 10 each for a total of 500 new members. You get paid $9.97 for each of those for a total of $4,985.00. Now add those two numbers together for a subtotal commission of $6,985.00 for month number one.

If you do that each month, you will be adding $6,985.00 each month to your previous commissions already coming to you from your monthly residual income...

These are low numbers and of course you may do much less or much more, but you get the point of how much commissions you can earn.

Advertising Pack Commissions

Your next income stream is from advertising sales. And just like the membership commissions you also get income from your Tier I referrals and you get income from all of their referrals ad pack purchases!

You make 10% of all ad pack purchases from your referrals and you make 1% of all your tier II's ad pack sales as well.

You Get 10% Ad Purchase Commissions On Your Referrals

You Also Get 1% Of Ad Purchases From Every One The People You Referred's, Referrals!


Ad pack commission chart

*Important Notice: If you refer someone to Net Bug and they choose to become a free member and at any point decide to purchase an ad pack, we will pay you the same full commissions on all advertising, and will also pay you on second tier commissions!

Let's look at an example...

When someone you refer purchases and ad pack for between $10.25 and $500.00 you will get 10% of that purchase, every time they purchase.

And when someone you referred, refers someone else who purchases and ad pack you get 1% of that amount for your commission.

Now imagine that you have 100 people purchasing ad packs... ok now imagine that your 100 people have referred 200 people who sometimes buy ad packs too...

You get 10% of all the advertising purchases of your 100 direct referrals + you get 1% of all 200 people that your referral members, referred to net bug.

And you get this money every time any of them buy advertising. Imagine dozens or hundreds of people buying advertising that you get a cut on...

Your next income stream is: remember you'll be getting at least $.10 each video that you watch too!



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Tips On Using Adwords For Affiliate Marketing

Today’s discussion is on using Adwords for affiliate marketing. It is my reply to the question from our member, HuiTzy.

I found her question pretty informative and it will relate to many of our members. I’m going to show her question in orange color and my comment or reply in black, so you can follow my train of thought as you go along.

Ready? Let’s start……

Firstly a very quick thanks for all the services you are providing i.e. your blog, product and free coaching.

I am currently setting up Adwords Campaign to drive traffic to affiliate products. My goal now is to “test” which of them are profitable and worth my time to further invest.

Here are my steps:
1) select several related niches eg: how to stop procrastination, how to increase productivity, how to focus. (I am doing this so that when I am going to advance level I can cross promote my list.)

The idea of related niche is good, but if you are a beginner, you may be thinking too big. If I were you, I’ll diversify as much as possible and test different niches from different industries.

Your selection of products to promote should be based on how well they are selling, regardless of whether they are in related niche. A good practice is to go to > Marketplace and check the gravity rating. For example, if you search for products related to procrastination, most of the gravity ratings are less than 5. You can treat gravity ratings as a measure of how well a product is selling. Popular products usually have a gravity of more than 100. 5 is really way to low.

Instead of thinking of related niches, my advice is to fight a guerilla war, diversity and attack only products that sell well. Don’t think of going to any advance level. Take this chance to brush up your advertising and marketing skills.

2) select two affiliate products or more that I think will sell for each of the niches.

If you are doing a review page, you can promote 2 to 3 similar products at the same time. If you are advertising the products individually, you should treat each product as independent entity and select base on how well they are selling.

For your info, for each product that you test, you are likely to spend up to $100 before you can tell if the product is profitable. If you test 2 products in 5 niches, that’s 10 products in total and it can cost you $1000 to test. If you are mentally and financially unprepared, you chance of giving up prematurely is extremely high.

3) set up adwords campaign for each of the products.
4) track them so that i can know which keyword(s) and product(s) is/are profitable.
5) focus on those profitable products and scale up the sale.

Currently I am in step 3 and I am wondering should I directly link my ads to the sale page or to my own landing page? Based on what I heard, it is always good to link to landing page instead of sale page and landing page is also sort of “pre-sell” page. BUT I just want to so called “test” the market and I don’t want to spend too much time in this step. Only when I know I am able to convert well from that particular product or niche, I will then put all my focus in marketing such as building list, pre-sell, provide incentive etc. So I would like to hear what’s your opinion.


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How To Find Testimonials For Your Presell Page

Last time we discussed how to write an affiliate presell page and one reader asked “how to find testimonials for the presell page”. I thought this is an interesting topic and many of you probably have the same question.

So in today’s blog, let’s discuss the different ways to find testimonials for your presell page….

1) Your own testimonial

There is no doubt that the best testimonial is from your personal experience with the product. You can provide your own proof, such as earning or traffic screenshots, to show the prospects that what you’re promoting is indeed a good product that works.

But if you are promoting hundred and one things, or you’ve just started an online opportunity, it’s almost impossible for you to have your own testimonial. In that case, you need to resort to other creative alternatives.

2) Get from the product seller

I briefly discussed this last week. You can either use testimonials from the product sales page or email the product seller for more testimonials.

Given a choice, it’s better not to use the same testimonials as the ones in the product sales page. The reason is obvious - you don’t want your prospects to see that those testimonials are not independent.

Most product sellers will be happy to facilitate you with more testimonials, with photographs if you request. Some sellers even have a dedicated page that lists down all the testimonials they’ve received. You can select those that are not used in the sales page for your presell page.


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How To Write An Affiliate Presale Letter

For those who are advertising as an affiliate, I always advice them to write their own affiliate presale letter instead of advertising the standard sales page prepared by the product owner. There are 3 important reasons why such move is advisable:

1. People believe a 3rd party more than the product owner, even if they don’t know you! Your presale letter is the best tool to deliver your confidence in the product.

2. By not revealing too much about the product in your presale letter, you can increase prospects’ curiosity and they will be more interested to read through the actual sales letter.

3. You have more control over your advertised page. For example, you can build a list, follow up with the prospects and sell them other products. You can also track the click through rate to the sales page and determine if you are advertising to the correct target audience.

The big challenge is, how to write an effective affiliate presale letter?

Below is a simple format that has been working for me……

1) Story telling

A presale letter typically begins with the classic Feel-Felt-Found method which goes something like this… “I understand how you ‘FEEL’…. I was in your position before and I ‘FELT’ the same before…. Now I finally ‘FOUND’ the solution….

That’s only the beginning.


Also consider the idea of owning your own customer helpdesk, read more...

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