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How To Write Text Ads That Get Clicked On

There is a simple formula that I use to write text ad or almost any other types of ads. Today, I’ll share this formula with you.

My Simple Formula To Write Text Ad

Writing text ad is an art. Different marketers have different style of writing.

For me, I follow a simple formula. My formula is:


A - Attention
E - Expectation
A - Action

Most text ads are made up of a headline (or title) and a text body.

The objective of the headline is to grab Attention.

The objective of the text body is to build Expectation and call to Action.

For example, I may write an ad like this:

I Made $6K in my First Month
Learn Exactly How I Did It.
Free Download.

Can you see how I use the A-E-A formula in this example?

How To Write Attention Grabbing Headline Or Title?

There are many ways to write a headline or title that grabs attention.

For example, you can ask a question that invokes curiosity. You can also tell a story like I did in the example above.

One simple way is to use some power words that can capture people’s attention.

Some of these power words include: How To, Secrets, Free, Download, Exposed, Save, Amazing, Time-Sensitive, Proven, Step-By-Step, Shocking Truth, Cheap, Urgent.

Why Build Expectation?

Once you grab the prospects’ attention, you need to tell your prospects what they can expect from you after clicking your ad.

This is the hardest part and if it’s done right, 90% of the battle is won.


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