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CashJuice (.com) review

An interesting opportunity to come into view this week was Cash Juice.

Cash Juice show you how you can turn $11.50 into $1,000's and drive 1,000's of people to your website.


Getting started is very easy as all the complicated technical stuff is handled by experienced staff.

Before we start, I want you to consider 3 extremely relevant things:

1) Cash Juice is as easy as it sounds and is incredibly user friendly.

2) The potential here is truly awesome, $1,000's and 1,000's of visitors.

3) Although asking $11.50 to get started, an 8 week money back guarantee offers peace of mind.


I discovered that there are 3 major elements to Cash Juice.

1) 1,000's of visitors

2) $1,000's in your pocket

There is also a third that I will explore with you shortly.

3) Recurring income direct into your account every month!

Before I share with you how it's possible to earn mega bucks, I'm going to show you how they can deliver all those valuable visitors to your website.

There are 3 main traffic generators.

The first is the extremely popular keyword cloud. When you add your website, they will automatically, within seconds, check your website and find all valuable keywords.

They then add your website to each of the keywords in the keyword cloud.

On the main site is the keyword cloud which reloads every time the main page is visited.


Visitors to the site will search the cloud and visit your website.

The second powerful tool is the regular directory. In addition to the cloud, is the listings directory where your website will be permanently listed.

But the most powerful tool is the in-house traffic generator. Every person that joins your Cash Juice, will be asked to view your website before we activate their website.

This traffic generator alone will send your web traffic through the roof!!


But how can you be sure that this will work for you?

Cash Juice are so absolutely confident that you will see a swarm of visitors to your website, that they will give you a FULL no-questions-asked, money back guarantee if you don't.

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

But remember, at the same time as delivering you mega traffic, they also fill your pockets!!


There are 2 ways to earn cash.

1 - The Introductory Starter Bonus
2 - The Mega Recurring Accumulator

The Introductory Starter Bonus

Every time someone adds their website to your Cash Juice, you receive over $5. Refer 10 people and you will instantly receive $50 direct into your account!

Included in your one off starter membership of just $11.50, is setup of your own referral web page. Every time someone clicks your referral link and pays the starter membership, you instantly receive over $5.

It really is this easy, you don't require any experience to get started, just 5 minutes of your time!!


The Mega Recurring Level 5 Accumulator

Check out the sample list of names below.

1 Claud Chicago
2 Denise London
3 Mick Normandy, France
4 Sue Florida
5 Darren Portsmouth, England

When you pay your $11.50, at least $5 will go to Claud who you will see is at the top of the list above.

When you join and refer people, your list will look like this.

2 Claud Chicago
3 Denise London
4 Mick Normandy, France
5 Sue Florida
You can see that everyone has moved down 1 place, Darren has disappeared off the list and you are now on top.

You will now receive at least $5 direct into your account from every referrer that you refer.

But that's not all,

Suppose that you refer a friend called Bill, and he refers a work colleague called Sue, who refers Dave who refers Bob, you will see that you are at the bottom of the list and ready to receive the Mega Recurring Pro bonus.

1 Bill
3 Claud
4 Denise
5 Mick

1 Sue
2 Bill
4 Claud
5 Denise

1 Dave
2 Sue
3 Bill
5 Claud

1 Bob
2 Dave
3 Sue
4 Bill


Activating the Mega Recurring Pro bonus is easy, all you need to do is go Pro yourself.

Pro service allows you to list unlimited URL's on Cash Juice and get priority listing for your links.


You now get $8 for every single Pro member on your level 5.

Now think about this for a moment.

If you refer 5 people, that's $5 x 5 = $25 direct into your account leaving you $13.50 in profit and lifetime member of Cash Juice.

Now assume for a second that each person you refer, refers 5 people that's 5 x 5 = 25 people where you appear on their level 2.

Now they refer 5 people, 25 x 5 = 125 people on level 3.

and 125 x 5 = 625 people on your level 4.

and finally 625 x 5 = 3,125 people on your level 5.

That's up to 3125 x $8 = $25,000 every single month.

Ok, I know what you are thinking, what if everyone refers 10 people, or everyone refers 3 people?

1 3
2 9
3 27
4 81
5 243 = $1,944

1 5
2 25
3 125
4 625
5 3125 = $25,000

1 10
2 100
3 1000
4 10000
5 100000 = $800,000

*Did you know there are 6,600,000,000 billion on our planet?


How will you get paid?

The payment process is automated using Clickbank. Clickbank will send your earnings every 2 weeks.

Will you earn every month?

Yes, as long as you remain Pro, you will receive the Level 5 recurring bonus every month.

Do you need to upgrade to Pro immediately?

No, you can join now and start referring, they will let you know when its time to upgrade.

So. what do you need to do next, can you start right away?

YES, it's simple, step 1, is to join and pay your $11.50 right now.

You can pay via credit card or PayPal, the choice is yours.


So, for just $11.50 you can get access not only to a treasure trove of traffic,
but also access an opportunity to earn serious auto-pilot income!


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