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Death of Classified Advertising?

You may think that online classified ads are dead or maybe that they are just a place where spammers hang out, not true.

You just need to know HOW to use the right classified websites.

Online Classified Advertising can be a very effective method of generating real, substantial traffic to your website, any website!

Probably the biggest classified site is (eBay owns 25% of it).

Owner Craig Newmark first started the site in San Francisco. It has since grown to include all American states, along with many countries such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, the UK and many more.

Once at the site you can easily select the area you want to focus on.

Millions of people are using craigslist EVERY day and so this makes for a huge opportunity, and the best part... many posts are free!

There is a charge for job postings in some areas, but for most of the site posting is completely free.

If however you do find a classified ad in a particular location is not free, simply try another location, you should eventually find a free area.

You cannot do just the one classified ad on Craigslist and then post it in every location for all and sundry to see, it just does not work like that. And if you start posting the same thing over and over adgain to multiple areas of Craigslist your ad will be removed.

You need to be a little smart about this... make sure your ad has useful content with relevant information that’s posted in the relevant location/section.

Obviously, if you are selling laptop don’t post your ad in Beauty Services.

Duplicate content is most frowned upon and is highly likely to get your ads deleted, that’s not to say you can only post once, far from it.By all means post to multiple areas, just mix your content up a little to make it different.

You could probably get away with changing just the subject and reposting, but it’s much better to actually change the main content too... when a potential customer reads both classifieds they wont see them as being the same ad and possibly report you (both classified ads are then likely to be deleted).

Most of the classified ads remain online and available for up to 45 days, meaning you get great value. The search engines love Craigslist, you will find that your website is indexed VERY QUICKLY after you post. has some important rules regarding posting and you need to make sure you are aware of these, read the help section to familiarize yourself with these rules.

Unlike most other classified Ad websites, Craigslist has NO LIMIT on the amount of space you can use for your ad. Be creative, use rich, compelling text to get people wanting to click on your link to find out more.

There are literally thousands of other classified ad websites but only a handful should be seriously considered:

HPTE Classifieds

Don’t ignore classified ads, they can, do and will dramatically increase traffic to your site... any site!

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ViralURL blocked by spybot

* Many people have trouble lately to see ViralUrl(.com) links in their browser.

Apparently, ViralUrl is blocked by SpyBot, a popular anti-spyware-scanner that allows people to automatically block "bad links".

While ViralUrl is just a normal advertising opportunity and not something that should be blocked , there is always a chance for advertising sites to get blocked by software that tries to protect people from spam and ads.

So, what does this mean for your advertising?

I would suggest not to use ViralUrl as your link tracker, because a lot of people just won't be able to see your site.

It may take a while before they get removed from the Spybot blocklist. And even after Spybot removes them, a lot of people might still have the link blocked from previous Spybot scans.

* ViralUrl is also blacklisted in

This means that a lot of people complained about emails with their link in it, as being spam.

This also means that you should not use ViralUrl links in your email advertising, because a lot of your emails will be blocked then.

It is recommended to use the RulesEmporium blacklist checking tool, every time you use a link in an email.

You could of course always use a reliable link tracker, knowing that it is not blocked or blacklisted :)

* Also worth mentioning ... I see a lot of people emailing through safelists etc.

That's good but as we learned from the ViralUrl case, remember to use a link tracker that's not blocked, to get the best results out of your mailing.

A lot of people also add their email address in their emails.

It is really recommended to check out the ProfitsDesk helpdesk, because just giving people your email address is not good business.

They might be trying to contact you, but there is a big chance that their emails get blocked by spam filters.

The ProfitsDesk helpdesk highly improves the chance of receiving business emails.

And people will also see your own ads when they contact you through your helpdesk.

You really should consider the idea of owning your own helpdesk, read more...


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This is about traffic...

One of the most popular and very effective ways of promoting your business is using free advertising that's available within traffic exchanges. You simply view someone else's web page and in return, someone else will view yours. It's possible to recruit many people into your businesses using this viewer exchange system. It really works.

An effective way to use free traffic exchanges is with the use of a rotator. Rotators allow multiple sites to be advertised, all within a single url.

That is: Say you have 5 sites you want to advertise in a traffic exchange. You put all 5 into a rotator and they will all be shown in rotation. The benefit is: if you belong to many exchanges and want to change the pages that you are advertising, you need only to change the url in your rotator account rather than having to login to all of your traffic exchanges.

Rotators that come recommend are TPMRotator and PageSwirl. Not only are they free, you can also opt for the affordable upgrade and make a little money with them as well.

On joining a traffic exchange you will be asked to submit your target url. This can be one of your rotators, or another website you want to advertise. Make sure the address is correct it doesn't have multiple popups, break out of the surfbar frame etc.

It really is quite simple. You just log into the exchange or open up your surf page, view the sites, from 10 to 30 seconds. When the timer is finished counting down, you click the image, numbers or next button and you have earned credit towards someone else viewing your website. This is why it's called an exchange. You view their site, they view yours.

Many people are moving away from promoting the same site as everyone else. This is a great idea. Remember that you only have between 10 - 30 seconds for your page to not only load, but to also attract curiousity, inspire them to click your link or optin to a lead capture list. So it needs to be short, simple and to the point. These pages are known as Splash Pages.

If you are not very skilled in splash page design, there is good news. For a very reasonable one-time membership fee you can create your own splash pages with little or no knowledge of html. This includes lead capture and additional income from anyone you bring into the business. There are several other professional advertising tools included with your membership. It's also a quality traffic exchange.

It's called ProTrafficShop be sure to add this to your resources.

There are simply far too many exchanges to have them all isted here. To access a list of FREE traffic exchanges go and get 1000s of FREE Hits. You can start receiving MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TRAFFIC to your website right now!

To surf multiple traffic exchanges at once, download FireFox. It's FREE and you can surf several traffic exchanges at once!

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NOT the 7 Figure Code!

You've probably heard of the 7 Figure Code home study course.

Unfortunately, it sells for 4 figures so is way outside the budget of most new marketers!

Instead, I would like to recommend the Secret Affiliate Code, a recently released ebook by Craig Beckta, that is currently taking
the internet marketing world by storm:

Secret Affiliate Code

Craig has made all his money using free traffic methods and without even having an email mailing list!

He's just a normal guy, not some self-proclaimed guru.

Craig practices what he preaches and shows YOU exactly what to do to replicate his success.

You're probably expecting this sort of information to cost a small
fortune? You couldn't be more wrong:

Secret Affiliate Code

He's also offering some amazing bonuses.

Craig really knows how to over-deliver :-)

Even if you don't want to buy his awesome step-by-step plan it really is a good idea to sign up to his list and claim some of his very useful free bonuses.

Secret Affiliate Code

Remember - No obligation, just sign up for the freebies!


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