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What is a Safelist anyway?

Safelists are an opt-in email service that allows you to send your ad to their list at intervals of anywhere from once a day to once a week. In return for this service, you are expected to read other members ads. Most are free to join. You may also pay a small fee allowing you to post both more often and to more people.

Open yourself a separate email account and keep it clean, if you bounce emails from the Safelists you will be banned from using them. Recommended is

Be creative with your headlines. A unique headline for your advertisement will help attract attention to your ads, making them stand out from the mass of ads that people will be receiving.

You need to be aware that most safelists are populated by internet marketers, who are more interested in marketing their own products, than in reading your advertisement. But, there will be people who will read your ads and who will respond - just don't expect to make thousands of dollars of income from them.

Popular Safelists

Sincerely, Greg.
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My Contact Info


If you have read the rules for posting ads in most forums, you will have noticed that it is recommended NOT to post your email address.

This is because email harvesters would quickly pick up your email address, and add it to spam lists. For the same reason, it is recommended NEVER to use your email address ANYWHERE publicly online. Not in forums, not on your webpage or blog, not in your safelist ads,...

But as a marketer, you want to show that you are trustworthy when you post your ads. You want people to be able to contact you if they have questions about your offers.

So what can you do ?

Get this great new tool, and you will be able to post your contact information anywhere you like, without worrying about your email address being added to spam lists !

That is how I can afford to place my contact information below. And it is just one of the features you will find in ProfitsDesk. It will also boost your advertising, and avoid business emails being blocked by spam filters.

It is a must for every online marketer.

Sincerely, Greg

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Politically Incorrect Advertising Marketing... at Last!

I have just watched a quick 5 minute video by a couple of guys who are so unreal! I mean, where else on the net would you see two top marketers referring to themselves as "a couple of old farts"??.

Do you think that someone who knows how to sell that much product and is so refreshingly honest could teach you something about selling (no matter what you are selling)? I won't even answer that question... :)

This member site has just been launched, so you can be in at the beginning of an exciting adventure into an internet world that hiherto has not existed ... Honest, no bull advice from a couple of old farts!

You'll have to click below to see:


P.S. You won't believe me when you see these guys... but they're for real, so act now before everyone else jumps on their bandwagon!

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The Nabload.COQ Trojan spreads through mails that trick users into watching a YouTube video that parodies the confrontation between the King of Spain and the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, during the latest Latin American summit. When users click the link, they introduce a copy of the malware on their computer. To fool users, the Trojan displays a YouTube video while downloading malware onto the system (the Banbra.FCK Trojan or the Banker.JSA worm).

The second malicious code captures the access credentials of specific online banks; when users try to visit the bank's legitimate site, it displays a spoof web page and sends the passwords entered by users to malware creators.

Banker.JSA can also spread through instant messaging programs. To do so, it sends a message to all the infected user's MSN Messenger contacts, with a link and text such as: "vistes las fotos que se sacaron los chicos?" and "sabes de que se trata esto?". When users click on the link, they download a copy of the worm on the system.

Banker.JSA is also designed to copy itself onto P2P program folders using names such as, "Call_Of_Duty_2_" or "The_Sims_Deluxe_" and spread through the network.

The Wallpaper.C Trojan, however, reaches computers with a Windows folder icon. It makes several copies of itself on the computer, and creates several new entries in the Windows Registry. One of the registries allows it to run with every system restart, whilst others allow it to conceal the Search option in the Start menu, the Folder options and other system applications.

Wallpaper.C replaces the system screen background for a new one with a picture of animals.

MSNWorm.BB spreads by sending a message with a link to the infected user's MSN Messenger contacts. When users click on the link, they download a copy of the worm onto their computer.

Instant messaging has become one of the main sources of malware distribution. Cyber-crooks know that these applications are becoming increasingly popular and are therefore useful for reaching a large number of people. To avoid being infected, users are advised to type addresses directly into the browser bar instead of clicking on links.

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