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Valuable Advertising Marketing Lesson Learned

Today I learned a valuable lesson.

I had bought a pretty cool set of graphics that I could use for my websites. It was low-cost, and it comes with resell rights.

While I was sending out a mailing to my mailing list, I added the link in my email. I rarely use links to other people's websites in my emails.

But the graphics package is a useful resource for website owners, and hoping to earn back some online income from their reseller program, I added it in my email.

But I found that a LOT of my emails were blocked because there was a blacklisted link in my email. I used this online tool to check what happened: I checked all 3 links that I used in my email.

* My own 2 sites: ... clean as a whistle.

* And: The Graphics Package ... yes, you guessed it right: blacklisted !


* A lot of my emails were blocked just because it had this link in them

* When a mailserver sends out a lot of emails that have a blocked link in them, it also affects the email delivery of the server. It's not a disaster if it happens occasionally, but it definitely shouldn't happen too often. Or my own mailserver might get blacklisted too !


* Dont just use any link in your emails, without checking if they are blacklisted.

* I could have avoided this problem if I had done what I usually do, used my TrackerBoard link tracker.

The link would have been a TrackerBoard link, and all those blocked emails would have reached their destination instead of messing up my email delivery and reducing sales.

* If you currently use a link tracker, it is wise to check if the domain name for the service isnt blacklisted. If it is, then youll know why you make so little sales.

For example, is blacklisted, and all their members that use their trackers, are damaging their advertising results.

* If you are a member in sites like safelists, autoresponder services, is good to check if they are blacklisted. If they are, your email ads won't be very effective.

* If you have a website of your own, where members can send out emails, then you dont know if they will add blacklisted links in their emails. If they do, they will eventually get your site blacklisted too !

Many marketers wouldnt even notice this problem. They dont check their bounce emails. Often dont even know what bounce emails are, or where to look for them,
let alone how to fix the problems.

Then wonder why they get so little results from their advertising. Every online marketer should know about Email Delivery. It makes all the difference in your online marketing.

And how do you get started with learning about email delivery ?


So you see, a little, stupid mistake had big consequences. I learned my lesson today.

Thought Id share it here so that you can avoid making the same mistake.

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Yuwie Success, Traffic Generation and Online Income

I have been using Yuwie for about a week and have a feel for how it works.

So this is my “Success using Yuwie” post.

The basic way to make money is to generate page views. Lots and lots more of page views.

Here are the three basic ways you get page views:

1) You yourself view a page
2) One of your referrals views enough pages (depends on the level they have)
3) Another Yuwie member views your pages

An important thing to remember about page views is that the page must be viewed for 3 seconds. So moving through pages as fast as you can, isn’t doing any good.

Some tips to maximize page views.

Make Friends

Invite lots of members to be your friends, also everyone in the first three levels of your downline (those are the levels you can see individual members on…the rest of the levels just have a count).

Give Page Views to your Friends

Leave comments on your friends’ profiles, blog entries, and pictures etc. When you do this, hopefully they’ll return the favor and generate some page views for you. Just remember to allow 3 seconds to pass, making sure they gett a page view. Try to keep up with your best friends on Yuwie every other day or so, hit the rest of them at least once a week.

Even if it’s nothing more than posting “Good morning!” at their profile, that shows you’re working to generate page views.

Keep Adding Content

Hard to give page views to someone who doesn’t have any blog entries or even pictures. Add blog entries and pictures of your own for people to use for comments. Plus, you never know when someone will stumble across your blog entries and decide they like them well enough to invite you as a friend.

Change Your Privacy Settings

By default, Yuwie makes it so people need to know your last name or email address before they can invite you to be their friend. Change it so that anyone can invite you. This will increase the number of friends, and page views you will get.

Participate in Clubs

You can make lots of friends in clubs.

Post Videos

You get page views when people view videos you've have uploaded. Post a popular video and you could get many page views.

Get Referrals

Ultimately, this is the way you can make thousands a month through Yuwie.

How Much Can You Make?

Yuwie depends on page views, how much you make depends on how much you put into it. Your own personal efforts can generate a lot of page views and your referrals efforts can generate a lot more page on top of them.

The help file in Yuwie says a full referral tree can earn as much as $10,000 a month. Full meaning you referred 3 people, they referred 3 people and so on all the way down 10 levels.

There are people on Yuwie who do have referrals down to 10 levels, people who have been involved in it since the beginning. For everyone else, Yuwie is still new enough that most people haven’t heard about it. Social networking sites are immensely popular these days, so one that pays you for participating is very attractive.

Of course, if you haven’t seen Yuwie yet, click here to take a look.

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John Reese - New Blog Rush


Traffic Generation, with a Difference ....

If you've been in Internet Marketing more than a day or three I
guess you heard of John Reese, he is hugely successful!

Guess what, he just launched a traffic exchange - of sorts!

What do you get?

# Huge exposure!
# This service is not just for internet marketers
# This service will reach all around the net
# It's a completely FREE advertising service.
# You earn credits down 10 levels

If you use blogs you will want to check this out before
everybody else .....


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Of the thousands of new malicious code that appeared this week, this report looks at the Lina.D Trojan, the Kimo.A worm and the Gnome.D virus.

Lina.D reaches computers with the icon of a Word document. However, when the document is opened, the Trojan is executed, displaying a document with HTML text.

This Trojan creates copies of itself in several directories. It also releases a series of files on the system. One of these is detected by PandaLabs as the Leword.A Trojan, while the other runs a copy of the Trojan every day at a specific time.

Lina.D creates a key in the Windows registry to ensure it is run every time the system is started up.

The Kimo.A worm is highly annoying to users, as it causes computers to shut down every so often, closing sessions a few seconds after restarts and causing the system to slow down.

The worm creates an Autorun.inf file in each mapped drive of the computer. This allows it to run every time a user double clicks on the drive. In addition, if the user clicks on any of the right-click menu options, the worm will run.

Kimo.A makes several modifications to the Windows registry, restricting access to Internet Explorer options, preventing use of the “Folder options” and allowing the worm to run on every system restart.

Gnome.D is a virus with worm characteristics. The file is distributed with the Windows default icon for executable files, with the name: “cool_screen_saver”. If users run this file, they will really be executing the virus.

This malicious code copies itself to the system with names like Winexegn.exe and Winscrgn.exe. It also drops several files on the infected computer. If mIRC is installed on the computer, the virus will make a copy of itself and create two new files in the directory containing this program.

All files created and dropped on the computer are aimed at helping Gnome.D to spread. Those created in the mIRC directory aim to spread the worm through this channel. Every time the user connects to a IRC server, the virus sends a message with the user’s nick and a random text. Examples include: “see this screen saver so i send you” or “ i just get new $chan screen saver“. The message includes the infected file.

Gnome.D also spreads via email. It sends a message with the infected file attached and the following text: “Hi dear friend, I want to show you what I has found in the Internet! L check the att ached file for more info. V I have included a program which illustrates hm y opinion a bout things you wrote me a few days ago. check this nice. bye. ; - )”

Also, when an application is opened, the virus injects itself into the code and modifies the entry point so that when it is run, the virus will be activated as well.

If you think your computer might have been infected by other malicious codes, you can scan it free at

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