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New Viruses to watch for...

Pahooka.A worm, the HiddenXLS.A virus and the Sinowal.A ransomware Trojan.

It is very easy to know when Pahooka.A has infected a computer. Once run, it replaces the computer’s desktop wallpaper with a multicolored star on a blue background and copies itself to all mapped drives. Finally, it changes the caption of all the windows opened by the user, showing the text “^_^Anti AntiVirus^_^”.

The worm drops a file that contains code to eliminate the content of folders belonging to certain antivirus programs.

Also, Pahooka.A changes the registry so that it hides the Search and Run options in the start menu, the Folder options, the Control Panel options, and the Network Connections and Printers and Faxes options. It also prevents users from enabling, disabling or modifying the system restore settings. Plus, it disables the registry editor and the task manager.

Pahooka.A connects periodically to certain web pages to download more malware onto the infected computer and runs every time the computer is started up or a program with an .exe extension is run.

HiddenXLS.A is the second malicious code in this report. This virus targets Excel files on the infected computer. HiddenXLS.A looks for all files with an .xls extension on the infected computer and mapped drives, and adds an executable file at the beginning of these files, changing their extension to .exe, so that every time the user tries to open the document, the malicious code runs first.

Finally, Sinowal.FY is a ransomware Trojan. Sinowal.FY encrypts users’ files so that they cannot access them, and demands a ransom for giving them a tool to decrypt the files as well as the decryption key.

On reaching a computer, Sinowal.FY creates a text file containing its demands: if the targeted user doesn’t give $300 to the malware writer, they will not be able to retrieve the kidnapped documents.

Anyone that wants to know whether their computers have been attacked by these or other malicious code can use TotalScan or NanoScan beta, the free, online solutions available at:

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E-mail newsletter marketing, here's how it works.

So you own a business and aspire to make it to the pinnacle of success. A great decision on your part. Unfortunately, many people who dream of taking their business to the upper levels of success do not have the slightest idea of how to actually achieve their target.

These days, the best way to enhance your business prospects is to take it online. There are several options available these days that can help you in this regard, Email newsletter marketing is just one of them.

If you are not aware of email newsletter marketing, here's how it works.

An email newsletter is usually sent out to a particular list of people who have already requested or opted in, to receive your newsletter. This is considered to be a perfect way to promote products and services online. Here, consumers regularly receive articles and information about the products and service they are interested in. You can easily improve and make money via your newsletter. Here are some simple tips to follow.

a) Deliver your newsletter: In order to get maximum profits via email newsletter, you must make sure that your subscribers are opening your newsletters. You may think that once your subscriber gets newsletter, they would open and read it. However, this is not always so. They can be easily thwarted by delivery issues. In case: you are using an HTML template style email and not a plain text version, it becomes necessary to enlighten your readers about the requirement for adding trusted senders to their address books. This is because most email programs and email address providers will not display the HTML content of emails if the recipients are not in their address book. Some may not include the HTML content even if you are in their address book. Now, here it is possible that your HTML graphics and important text will not be observed by your readers unless your subscribers have added you to their address book.

b) Find a solution: In order to get your newsletter delivered successfully you need to determine whether HTML is a requisite option. You also need to analyze whether your subscribers prefer HTML in their email. Try to avoid the process if it is an option. In case: you find it extremely necessary to send HTML email, try to offer a choice between HTML and text only to your subscribers. You also need to educate your subscribers to add you to their address books. You can do this by including a message on the subscription page. Also try to add your newsletter to your website.

c) Get your Newsletter opened: This is an important process. You need to put in certain efforts to make sure that your readers are opening your newsletter. Try to make your subject lines relevant to your readers. It is equally important to create a curiosity to your readers. In short, make your subject line powerful enough to encourage the subscriber to indeed read the newsletter.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you gain maximum returns from your email marketing newsletter. You should also focus on getting your message delivered to your subscribers on a regular basis. Email newsletter marketing will definitely help you to earn great profits.

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Anti Safelist Views ???

I have to totally disagree with the anti safelist views.

It is true that 95% of safelists are useless, but their are some good ones.
Like most forms of advertizing, it is not the medium but how you use it.

I personally have had good results from safelist. Here is what I do:

I stay away from any safelists that allow auto submitting. If you never
need to go to the saflist to post, or even join for that matter, and you use
an inbox cleaner so you never have to open your inbox, it is very unlikley
that anyone will see your ads.

Stick with credit based safelists, preferably ones that require page views.
Also I look for safelists that have been tested and highly rated by an
unbiased service like TrafficHoopla. Why not take advantage of someone
elses testing.

Set up your mail to be downloaded to a mail program like Outlook or
udora. It keeps your inbox from becoming full, and it makes deleting the
junk a snap.

Set mail rules to move any messages that contain credit links into a
folder named "Credit Mail". Then you will have your credit messages
available to open whenever you need credits.

Most creditbased safelist offer a free of regular mailer option allowing you
to mail without credits. Be sure to try this as well. For some reason I get
a much better CTR with some safelist using the regular mailer than when
I spend the credits.

Many safelists have banner/text ad rotators. Use them. I've gotten results
from these as well. I suggest using a good text ad. People have not gotten
quite as blaind to them as they have to banners.

Just like traffic exchanges, the best thing to use with safelists are simple,
interest generating, Lead Capture Pages. You only have that person for a
second, make the most of it and get their contact info for follow up later.

I have safelist bookmarked into folders that I open up in Firefox making
posting a breeze.

I understand everyones objections to safelists. All I'm saying is that they
can be used effectively. And for someone who is just starting out, who
doesn't have much money, they can be a usefull tool in his marketing

SafeLists that Work...

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New Viruses to look out for...

Three new malicious codes designed to compromise the security of computers: two worms and a Trojan.

Gronev.A is a worm with a taste for music. On infecting a computer, it
opens Windows Media Player and plays a song called ‘Lagu’. It also
opens an MS-DOS window with the word ‘Vergon,’, when CMD console is
executed. While showing this window, Gronev.A creates a new user account on
the system, which cannot be accessed by the legitimate user.

It also creates several folders on the system called Backup, Doc,
Secret and tools, and copies itself to them. In order to spread, this worm
also copies itself to every system drive.

Finally, Gronev.A performs other malicious actions, such as closing
Internet Explorer or modifying the Windows Registry to ensure it is run
whenever the computer is started up.

Antihost.A spreads by copying itself to all the physical drives
connected to the computer. If it copies itself to a USB memory stick, the worm
will infect every computer that the device is connected to.

If no DVD or CD is inserted in the drive when it infects the computer,
Windows shows a message asking user to insert it.

Antihost.A creates several hidden files on the infected computer and
creates a key in the Registry Windows to ensure it is run whenever the
computer is started up.

Finally, BotVoice.A is a Trojan that uses the Windows text reader to
play the following sentence over and over again: “You has been infected I
repeat You has been infected and your system files has been deletes.
Sorry. Have a Nice Day and bye bye”.

While it uses this original way of informing users that they have been
infected, BotVoice.A deletes all shortcuts from the desktop and from
the “My Documents” folder, as well as all the files on the C drive until
it finds something it cannot delete. Then, it stops eliminating files
but continues to play the voice message.

It also modifies the Windows Registry in order to prevent any program
from running, rendering the computer unusable.

BotVoice.A spreads like most Trojans, that is, it is downloaded by
other malware or via a malicious web page, through storage devices, such as
USB memory sticks, CD-ROMs or floppy disks, via email, via P2P
networks, etc.

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