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About Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is using the power of the web to spread your message. Viral marketing is usually a low cost or no cost way of spreading information about your web site, product or service to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. If you have not used viral marketing yet, you are definitely missing out on possibly one of the best ways to market your products. Here are some tips.

Use many forms of viral marketing:

There are many ways to market your product virally. When launching a viral marketing campaign, you should use many different strategies, not just one. For instance, one way to market your product virally is to create an article and add a bio that includes your link.

Once your article is complete, submit it to many different article submission sites. This will help your article be seen and posted on perhaps hundreds of web sites. But don't stop there.

Most marketers have a list, a list is a group of people that in the past were interested in your product or service or bought your product or service and have opted in to receive more information for future information.

Using your list, you can also advertise your product or services to these entities. However, instead of just sending them your article, ask them to help you out. For instance, offer them an incentive if they post your article along with your link on their website or blog.

An incentive can be a percentage off the product, a commission if they sell your product or free ebooks or other helpful advice in the future. Now you not only have article submission sites working for you, but also your opt in base.

Now its time to maximize the viral marketing potential in the forums that you visit on a regular basis. For instance, many people that create ebooks, information products or helpful SEO product post regularly on forums, if you don't have an account, start one up immediately and start becoming part of the community.

Once you launch your viral marketing campaign, hit the forums and start a thread giving free and helpful information. Most forums allow you to have a signature; in this signature you can advertise your product, services or website.

Use this signature to attract visitors to your site or to offer your product for sale. In addition, many forums allow you to post your articles for free, ask for affiliate partners or even start a thread for others to join a joint venture.

Making connections with hundreds or thousands of people is the key to viral marketing, using articles submission sites, your opt in list and forums are just the tip of the ice berg.

If you are looking to maximize your products, services or web site's potential, take a look at viral marketing and how this low cost or no cost way of marketing can instantly create wealth for you.
Author: Tom Taito

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"10 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Sucks"

By Susan Payton

If you're not getting the business you want, and you're constantly discussing marketing to no avail, your marketing strategy sucks. Here are some clues to look for:

1. You don't have a marketing budget. Budget? What's that? If you think setting aside money for marketing is a waste of time, you'll soon be looking for employment.

2. You don't have a marketing plan. Flying by the seat of your pants is not an option when you're an entrepreneur. Being flexible is, however. You need to have a marketing plan that lays out what activities you will engage in each year, quarter, and month.

3. You only use one or two channels of advertising. Unless you've hit a gold mine with billboard advertising or direct mail (and statistics say you haven't), you must diversify your advertising dollars. With interactive marketing on the rise, you don't even have to spend a ton of money to get results. Measure where you're getting the best return on your investment and focus there, but experiment in new areas. You never know where your next niche may be.

4. You're the owner AND the marketer (and the accountant and the manager). In order to let your business run itself, you need a professional expert to handle the marketing. People who are in the field know tips and tricks you will never learn wearing so many hats.

5. Your company isn't unique. This in and of itself isn't a problem. It's all in how you market yourself. But if you can't find an interesting spin for your accounting software product, no one will be enticed to buy it. You have to brand yourself and familiarize people with your brand in order to sell.

6. You're not online. Any business anywhere can take advantage of the online marketing tools available today. Blogs, podcasts, networking and Google AdWords are great ways to reach a wider audience, and to keep your customers connected to you.

7. You don't do your homework. If you don't know what's going on in the marketing world, you will quickly fall behind. You have to stay on top of trends and techniques to effectively use them for your company.

8. Your staff isn't well trained. If your sales and marketing staff doesn't know your product inside and out, how can you expect them to sell and market it? It's important to help your staff understand your product so that they know it by heart and can better promote it.

9. You don't network. If you think "networking isn't for me," you're essentially saying "new business isn't for me." Networking is the best way to help people know what you do without giving them a sales presentation. Relationships will grow into sales.

10. You're too modest. If you're reluctant to toot your own horn, you're missing out on valuable PR opportunities. If you've written a book or done something noteworthy, or if your company is involved in a noble cause, let the media know. The coverage can be great exposure for your business.

If these signs are familiar, change your marketing strategy and chart your course toward sales!

* * * * * * * * * *

About the Author Susan Payton

Susan Payton is Managing Partner of Egg Marketing & Public Relations, which specializes in corporate communications, marketing and public relations. For more information on how Egg can help you with press releases and marketing copy, visit or contact Susan at:

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What is it about building a list that's so hard...

Is it that it takes too much time? Is it that it
costs too much to do?

Or is it because it’s nearly impossible to break
into that inner circle and get the “big boys” to
help build it for you?

You know what?

It does NOT matter why it’s so hard for most

Because you’re about to discover how to do it
quickly, easily, and all for free.

Let those other guys beat themselves upside the
head trying to figure it out, while you do it
effortlessly and with ease, courtesy of Gary
Ambrose’s brand new List Bandit.

As soon as you register for your free account in
this powerful list building program, you’ll have
instant access to several ultra potent tools…

All to help you build that enormous and profitable
list you’ve been dreaming about… that list you
desire… that list you deserve…

But listen, it’s not going to happen for you until
you take that one crucial step.

Take action and make the commitment to yourself
right now, by getting over to:


.. And registering for free.

Frankly I’m not certain why Gary is offering this
for free. I’ve seen a great many programs that
couldn’t hold a candle to List Bandit that cost
an arm and a leg.

Keep your arm. Keep your leg. And build an
enormous and incredibly profitable list… beginning
right now at:


Here’s To Your New List!

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The Coolest Click Getting Software Ever Seen!

I have just purchased the coolest ad rotator script I have ever seen. It’s called Peel Away Ads.

An effect like this has always been reserved for the big corporations with the big ad budgets. But not anymore. Now you can have this effect on your own website or blog for under 30 Bucks!

This script is guaranteed to get more clicks for your ads, whether you’re building a list, selling your product or promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate. The visual effect is unusual and draws attention like a magnet. But, just like any other new whiz-bang gizmo, it’s going to be most effective while it’s still new. So grab your copy today:

I’ve purchased resale rights for this incredible software and for a limited time I’m offering it to your for a fraction of what it’s worth. Just move your mouse over the little “Special Offer” dog-ear corner and a discount page will be revealed underneath.

Click Here For Your Copy Of Peel Away Ads!

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Free Advertising Blog Audio Books 4 You

Every n.o.w and then something good comes
along that could really help us marketers out.

I look for pro-ducts that are good quality and
have a good chance at making us some mon-ey.

A friend told me about this Leisure Audio Books.
I looked it over and it is set up and done right.

If anyone is looking for a nice af-filiate pro-duct
to sell, from their website, this could be it.
It pays pretty good and is something alot of folks
will want as time goes by.

Bottom line is that this is fr-ee to do. You don't have
to spend a penny. Just be an af-filiate or salesman.

Sign up for fr-ee and don't do the upgrade thing.
You can do just fine as a Silver member.

Any ways, you may be seeing this around alot very soon.

Here is the link to sign up and look it over.

Take a few minutes to che-ck this out.
It is set up right and may be something you can
make some mon-ey with. A nice little side bus-iness
that would go nice on your website.
Remember, don't upgrade.
Make some mon-ey, don't spend it.

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Broadcast Your Advertising to People's Desktops For Free

DesktopLightning - Strengths and Weaknesses

If you've been following what's been going on in the Internet
Marketing scene then I'm sure you've at least heard about by now.

A lot of people are saying really good things about the site,
but are they true?

I decided to write up an honest review of the site, covering
what I believe to be its strengths and its weaknesses, just
to clear it up once and for all...

================================================================ - Strengths and Weaknesses

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars (* * * * 1/2)

In A Nutshell

A catchy new viral marketing tool, capable of broadcasting
messages directly to people's desktops. Easy to use, and
caters primarily to those who have something they want to
promote and are looking for a better way to do it.

(Read on for why I didn't give it 5 stars)

1. Initial Impressions

When I was first introduced to, I wasn't
quite sure exactly what to think. Everyone was saying it was
going to be more powerful than e-mail marketing, but this
seemed like too bold of a claim.

I signed up anyway, since I usually give things a chance --
that's how I have found the several sites I do really trust
and rely on.

The signup process did take about 60 seconds, as advertised,
and their software program downloaded and installed in about
30 seconds. No long, tedious install processes here. If you
own downloadable software, you might want to take a look at
how quick their install process is.

Right after installing the software, it ran immediately, and
I was quickly presented with a tool to invite my friends.

Within one-click's access was my Inbox, the tool to send
broadcasts, a statistics page, and my favorite, the "Build
Your Network" page.

I'll get more into why that's my favorite page later.

2. Viral Growth

This is where the site really shines, in my opinion. The
purpose of a viral marketing site is that you should be able
to invite just a few people, and then it will start growing
on its own.

Many sites claim to work like this, but few actually work as

I'm not sure if it's because of their unique concept or the
slick implementation, but this site is REALLY viral. Here's
some of the testimonials they got, which I think sum it up
pretty well:

"I haven't ever seen a system build a downline so
fast. I joined your program just to try something
new. Four days later I had a downline of 43 people.
This is unbelievable."

~ Harry Joseph

"I invited just a handful of people only a few days
ago and I already have 48 members on 5 levels below
me. I am going to keep promoting this, but I see it
has a life of it's own now. I couldn't stop my
network from expanding if I wanted to!"

~ David Parton

"This website is so viral - I received over 100
sign-ups and my network is already 5 levels deep in
less than 48 hours."

~ Rene Keiser

Although they obviously can't guarantee results for anyone,
the general consesus is that most people who do get those
initial few people in are experiencing results similar to

I give an A+ for spreading like wildfire.

3. Direct-To-Desktop Broadcasts

So, once you have the people in your network from the direct
invitations and the viral growth, then it really gets cool.
Now is when you get to broadcast whatever message you want
directly to their desktops.

Gone are the days of sending out emails and wondering if
they were received due to spam filters and crowded inboxes.

If you upgrade to their Platinum membership, then you can even
get exact statistics on the percentage of your broadcasts that
were opened, but the Platinum membership is not the subject
of this review.

Here's how it works -- the software is
what allows the direct-to-desktop communication to be
received. Since everyone in your network will have the application installed, just as you do,
this is what allows such smooth and instant communication
to occur.

Within one hour of your sending the message, everyone in your
network who is online will receive a notification on their
desktop that they can click to read your message.

Anyone who isn't online at the time will receive it when they
log on next.

I'm sure you can see why this type of communication has been
more successful than email as of late, so I won't get into
it too much here. The basic point though is that there's no
way your message can be lost, overlooked, or blocked by any

If you upgrade to their Platinum service you can do things
like embed video and sound right into the broadcast, but
again, I'll save the Platinum service for another review.

4. Building Your Network

Most sites out there nowadays don't really help you build a
network of people below you. They just throw you a URL and
tell you to run with it.

While this works for most advanced people, it's not something
that's very easy for people who are just starting out. went really far this time to make sure
that everyone has a way to bring people into their network,
regardless of skill level.

When you click on the "Build Your Network" link from within
their application, you'll be presented with a surprising
number of tools to help you build your downline.

Everything from banners, to popups, to text ads, to invitation
tools, to emails to send out, etc.

Then, they continue to offer something which I haven't seen on
any Internet Marketing site yet -- they have a "Starting From
Scratch" section, designed specifically for people who have
no list and no website with traffic.

If you're in that position, then you'll love this section,
since they detail specific strategies you can use to promote (or anything for that matter), even if
you don't have anything to start with.

Quite a valuable resource.

5. Not For Everyone

With all that said, the only downside to
is that it's not for everyone.

Of course, some might see that as an upside, since it's a more
targeted opportunity.

Basically, the bottom line is that is a
promotional tool. You need to have something you want to
promote or advertise before you can really make use of the

This is all due to the fact that the basic concept is that
you build a viral network of people, and then broadcast
something to it.

But, this "something" is whatever you want, so you must
already have something you'd want to send to a lot of people.

If you don't have something yet, you could start building your
network first, and then once you get something to promote
you'll be ready to launch it immediately.

If you do have something to promote, that's when the site
really shines.

6. Conclusion

I would recommend this site to anyone who has something to
promote or advertise.

It definitely works, and your downline will grow extremely
fast if you put some energy into getting it started.

The direct-to-desktop broadcasts are a killer app in today's
online climate, where emails barely even get through anymore.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it has
nothing to offer for people who don't have anything to
promote or advertise yet.

If you want to advertise or promote something to a lot of
people in a unique and poweful way, then this site is for


At any rate, my general opinion is that since it's so quick to
set up and try, if you have something you want to promote you
might as well go check it out.

You can always remove it later if you decide you don't like it.

Enjoy! :)

DeskTop Lightning

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A Unique & Exciting New Program

CashDevelopment is a major breakthrough in
network marketing offering the most generous
payout percentage in the industry. A 2 x 10 Forced 'Spill-Over'
Matrix with 20% increase in instalments that pays out a whopping
99% in commissions.

- So simple that anyone can understand it.
- CashDevelopment.WS's Matrix Program is the #1 pay plan available today.
- Just 2 personal sales to be in PROFIT.
- World Wide Business Opportunity.
- Our great products make that possible.

The products are all "Virtual", meaning they don't require
actual manufacturing, inventorying, shipping and handling.
This saves an immense amount of expense allowing them to payout
much more than any company selling products that must be shipped.

CashDevelopment is a powerful product driven
business opportunity.


If you desire to build an organization and receive weekly residual
compensation for life, CashDevelopment is the perfect business for you.

Find out how I will give you a $5 Signup Bonus AND Upgrade Your Account At NO Cost To You! You can learn even more about this unique and powerful 21st century network marketing company today by going to:

Learn More

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Automatic Money Machines... $97 Training Manual - FREE

Wouldn't it be cool to have a license to print money
whenever you wanted?

I have to say...this is *truly* the BEST step-by-step,
value-packed, marketing course out there for new AND
experienced marketers...

I have been using the system for two weeks now and I'm
already generating leads and making sales on several
affiliate products that I promote.

It's one of the most powerful cash-generating system I've ever
seen and I highly recommend you check it out right now...

$500/Day Super Affiliate Finally Reveals the 'Real Secrets'
to Making Big Money Online Selling Other People's Products.

And you can get free access to his
turn-key system.

=> Fre-e access here

P.S. Look at what this member had to say:

"I've Made Over $5,000 Every Single Month Since I Joined
Affiliate Cash Secrets"

"Affiliate Cash Secrets was the very first system I chose
after spending many months online determining what would
replace my six figure income that I lost unexpectedly.
I always point to 'ACS' as the product that saved
my life and my family."

We got to keep the car, the house, the insurance, you name
it...because Affiliate Cash Secrets provided the foundation
and step-by-step instructions that allowed me to succeed
wildly at Internet Marketing.

The way Derrick does all the work FOR YOU will be the
kick start you need to make big bucks and build a large
list in just a few weeks. This is the product I recommend
more than any other in Internet Marketing. Make It So!"

=> Fre-e access here

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eCommerce for the Rest of Us

Visit SiteSell for more Information


No big fancy talk here

No big fancy talk here about the truckloads of money you are going to make in the next 10 minutes like you see everywhere these days on the Internet.

I can only tell you that this is the real deal with a Plan that makes all the sense in the world.

Nobody should be spending their rent money to strike it rich on the Internet. Any pro-gram worth it's salt has to make sales. China-mart would close in a month if no one went in their stores and bought something.

The Internet is no different. Those that tell you to go lay around and do nothing except wait for the Brinks truck to show up are ruining peoples lives. They don't last long as it should be. Trouble is they send us folks out there as cannon fodder. Hoping we will make a few sales before we go belly up and broke. Then the program owners go on vacation with our hard earned money. Breaks my heart to see it happen time and time again. And folks keep falling for it. That won't happen here.

Our group is different.

I have never seen a more honest and hard working bunch of folks anywhere. Debra , Bruce, the Group folks and a bunch of others to numerous to mention, have a dream that we all can share, everyone of us. The hardest working group of people I have ever run into. They have a Plan that is the fairest and most honest way to build an Internet income. Nobody has to file bankrupcy because they joined us.

The Plan centers around a little work (sales) instead of shelling out money every month. Great idea...

Sales have to be made of good products. Nothing gets around that concept. Ask any business owner. We are here to teach people that. That alone is worth joining us.

You have stuck gold here. You may not know it yet but you will. Get involved and learn all you can. What you learn here will stick with you for a lifetime.

Incomes are going to be built using the Plan. Just a matter of who will see the light and join in to reap the rewards of a little work.

Our group is like a Freight Train and it is leaving the station !! Pretty hard to stop a Freight Train. You'll do well to jump onboard.

Jump on Board

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"Writing - The Art of E-Persuasion"

by Churchill Rinet

Effective net writing is something that anyone can accomplished. Building your online business by writing valuable content is nothing magical or complicated. It's about providing the information that visitors are searching for everyday. Relevant contents attracts and persuades. Great contents persuades them that your products or service is exactly what they want.

Anyone, regardless of who they are, where they live, what they do, can be empowered to use the internet to leverage their income building potential. Whether it is to build an e-business, grow an existing off line business, or create a secondary income system. You need the right words, the right process and the right tools to succeed.

Doesn't everyone know how to persuade the way we do it in real life. We persuade our spouses, friends, customers on a daily basis. Simple, straight forward communication. You words have to attracts, appeal and guide reader-cum-customer smoothly and carefully to your source of income.

There is no secret to writing good content that presell persuasively and creates an "open-to-buy/hire" attitude in your visitors. If you really know your product. or services, while understand the different between Preselling and selling. Feel passionate about your business and motivated to succeed. You can write great theme-based content that will lead to PreSold visitor to a sale or contract.

You don't need special creative writing classes, just a mixture of some standard offline copywriting techniques and some new e-technique. This would fine tune your natural-born persuasiveness online.

The truth is, there is no magic secret to online success just a winning formula. Deliver valuable theme-based content on your web site. Quality theme-based content build interested targeted traffic by providing information that your visitors are searching for and tasty content to delight the all important search engine.

Surfers are looking for information and solutions but they usually don't know exactly who or what can provide it. So they rely on search engine to source possibilities that are worth their effort to visit. You must honestly convince each search engine that your page is the most relevant for each keyword that you target and thus deserves a high ranking. Help the searcher, who is your potential visitor and customer. Solve their problem, deliver what they want.

Remember, people use the net to find information. By writing about a niche that you know and love, the content is easy. Taken all together, this tightly focused site scores well at the search engine that bring you lots and lots of targeted traffic.

To be successful, the need of your target group have to be your #1 priority. Deliver strong, appropriate content. There is no such thing as passerby traffic on the net. You have to build and attract warm, willing-to-buy traffic on an ongoing basis.

A great content site help you achieve that goal. It increase targeted traffic, which produce more sales. In other words the key is to develop great content that deliver your most wanted response. Warms up your visitor with high-value information that foster trust and credibility. Your information fulfills a wish and/or provides a much sought-after solution. By creating a truly info-rich site, you'll actively become a trusted expert, sharing your wealth of information.

Your also build lot of content pages- each one focuses on a keyword that a searcher might use to find your theme. Every word-headline-sentence-paragraph has a persuasive role. Know your target or ideal customer first. You have to understand your customer thoughts and feeling, sense what make her tick. Once you know your customer, you can anticipate their wants, appealing to the right emotions and show them how your product/services will benefits them.

On the net, you don't have the luxury of face-to-face contact or a slow pace to set to know your customer. It is critical to visual your target or ideal customer, before you're begin to write any copy on your web site. Remember yours words are like a virtual salesperson behind the counter or stationed in the aisle.

You get to focus on creating high-value content and perfecting your e-persuasion. Remember. its your 'words' that have the greatest impact on your Web site and business. So that's where most of your time and energy should be directed.

I wish you write to success. You can do it.

Churchill Rinet is a affiliate marketer. Learn how you could also write to presell and sell. The Netwriting Master Course is for everyone who would like to be successful as e-persuader. Learn it FREE.

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Why Posting Fr-ee Classified Ads Doesn't Work

Today I want to discuss why posting
fr-ee classified ads doesn't work.

You have probably noticed that many
classified sites have a fr-ee posting
option. I'm sure you have also noticed
that these same sites have a pa-id
option as well. Have you ever thought
of why? After all if there is no
difference in the effectiveness between
a fr-ee classified ad and a pa-id one,
why pa-y for one at all?

The answer is actually quite simple.
Most classified ad sites that offer
fr-ee classified posting services place
those ads either on the last page of a
very long list of pages or even if that
ad does end up on page 1, because of
the number of fr-ee ads posted, your
ad is off the page within minutes.

Pa-id ads on the other hand get priority
because the person posting the ad pays
for it, plain and simple. These ads
stay on page 1 or near it much longer.
Some classified sites will cycle your
ad or renew it every day or even every
hour. This gives your pa-id ad much more
exposure and ultimately gives you more
chance of making a sale.

I used to post free classified ads for
a long time, with no results. Now I
know the reason why. Now I post here...


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Are your emails blocked as spam?

If like me, you use email marketing, send out large numbers of emails (to leads for example) or have membership sites, then you will be very interetested in the information that follows.

I have been involved in the testing process of a study into email delivery and the results have been very impressive.

The written report that followed this study has improved the success of my own email delivery dramatically.

Traffic and profits increased purely out of more of my mailings arriving at their intended destination.

There are several fixes in this report including instructions on how to get through spam filters by fixing the problem at its roots, how to avoid being labeled as a spammer while only sending to optin-lists and how to reduce the risk of server crashes when sending out mailings.

These fixes are quite simple to introduce. A handy little 'spying trick' is also included that you can use to check the effectiveness of competitors mailings. It shows how many of the 'Gurus' are not optimising their lists simply because of incorrect settings. Very interesting.

I imagine this report (released only hours ago) will be picked up and utilised by everyone who is interested in maximising email delivery.

I have been informed by the Author that the price will definitely increase.
This early stage of release price was aimed primarily at his own membersite mailing list, who were offered first notice and a discounted price.

If you use email marketing, the fixes in this report Will improve your delivery rates.

More information and complete details...


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