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Very excited to share with you a brand new resource that just launched today. They're called FooterAds and you might have just clicked that X to take them off this post. That's okay... because chances are you read some of those ads before you clicked the X or maybe you even clicked on some of those ads.

That's exactly what will happen with your ads when you get them added to this new system. The owners of FooterAds are stand up gentlemen that in my opinion have created one of the best programs this year.

It's known from personal experience that these types of ad programs produce great results and this one appears to be the best of them all. I can't wait to see how my testing goes in the next few weeks.

What's even better is you can join for free and get started today!

Join Footer-Ads here

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Earn Money instead of showing Unpaid public service announcements.

If your website has Google ads. You should be taking advantage of a unique service to replace the unpaid default or PSA ads. You could be making more money by simply adding an Alternate URL.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, you can add an Alternate URL and earn money instead of showing unpaid public service announcements. I'm sure you've seen them on many sites, when Google has no paying text ads to show.

Get your Alternate URL here

Visit the above link now to see how fast and easy it is to earn extra cash by adding an Alternate URL to your Google ad code.

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Instant Squeeze Page Generation

For those of you building, or attempting
to build a profitable email opt-in list (which should be everyone
of you if you have been paying attention and wish to make any
money in internet marketing!)

A brand new tool that will help us ALL capture more

Robert Puddy's "Instant Squeeze Page Generator" allows you
to create your OWN subscriber-pulling squeeze pages, complete
with free offers to give your visitors even EXTRA incentive to
subscribe to your newsletter or email list.

Better still, it's free ;o)

Start building your own squeeze pages asap and learn
how to spike your list building power tenfold:

This is not only one of the most useful
tools for IM-ers that I have seen launched in a long time, it
is also set to be one of the biggest product launches for 2007
so go to the page below and get registered for free
Instant Squeeze Page Generation

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Maximise Traffic Generation Using A Traffic Exchange Downline Builder

I am confident that you will LOVE this amazing program if you simply take a few minutes to read these few lines. It will be well worth your time.

It is about a free traffic exchange downline builder. It is designed to help you to quickly and easily build your downlines in 25 manual traffic exchanges, simply by promoting your personal refer page link. But this is only the beginning...

It offers two features that other downline builders cannot compete with. These services are what makes it the best traffic exchange downline builder on the internet.

# SuperSurf Feature: This is your personal instant surf page. You will be provided with a SuperSurf link that will quickly take you to your SuperSurf page without having to visit the website. From your SuperSurf page, click the instant surfing links to instantly open traffic exchange surfing sessions in new windows. All of the traffic exchanges found on this traffic exchange downline builder offer instant surfing links, so starting surfing sessions is fast and easy. Your SuperSurf page also contains pertinent information about each traffic exchange, and helps you to organize your surfing by providing the date that you last surfed each traffic exchange AND the number of times that you have clicked that instant surf link. SuperSurf is an amazing feature that will save you an enormous amount of time with your surfing. Imagine never having to login to a traffic exchange and navigate to the surfing link. This unique program gives you that!

# EasyJoin Feature: Every time you login to your members page, the traffic exchanges that you have not yet joined are listed for you. Join them at your own pace without having to navigate to a "join programs" page. After you join a traffic exchange, it will never be shown on your members page again. Joining a traffic exchange automatically adds the traffic exchange surfing link to your SuperSurf page, so you can start surfing right away. The Easyjoin Feature quickly lets you know exactly which programs that you need to join to get the most benefits from your free membership.

Now, let us talk about the impact that these features will have on your downline. Simply put, your downline will join more traffic exchanges due to the EasyJoin Feature, and will surf more often due to the SuperSurf feature. Members of your downline will be active surfers. Furthermore, your downline members will probably love this program as much as you do, and will promote their own refer page link, which will indirectly build your traffic exchange downlines on every level. Website traffic? Do the math!

There is a whole lot more to this program ...
# "Random Box Giveaway"
# Unique Pro Membership benefits
# Lucrative Paid Programs (join them if you want to make some money)
# Free Programs that can efficiently and quickly produce massive website traffic (4STEPS, hand selected AdBoards etc.)

You have to join here to get the details and receive the goods. Did I mention that this program is completely FREE?

Give this free program a try. You will be glad that you did!

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Delisting From A Blacklist:

The Key To A Low Bounced Email Rate:

Spam has not only affected email users but as online businesses as well, big and small. Spamming caused mail administrators and ISP to adopt blacklists for the purpose of providing a good service to their subscribers. Unfortunately, Real Time Blacklists (blacklists that can be obtained through the internet) do contain innocent domains. Due to imperfect filtering of spam busters, some legitimate emails were included in the blacklists. Furthermore, disgruntled users are also a major source of spam reports.

Once a domain or an IP address landed in any blacklists, it would not only be hard to send a message from that domain or IP, it would be almost impossible. Because of this dilemma, online marketers have to go through the delisting process once caught in the blacklist.

If you are running an online business and you’ve got many bounced emails, your domain might be blacklisted, you need to perform delisting. Now what is delisting from a blacklist, and the things which entail it? Delisting is just a term referring to the process of removing your domain or IP in the lists of known spammers.

Blacklists have different ways of removing blacklisted addresses. The first thing you need to do is visit their website, know the type or kind of blacklist your are in, then understand the purpose of that blacklist. Know their basis of flagging a message as spam. By doing this you may understand somehow why you were blacklisted in the first place.

The next thing, know the delisting process. In some cases automatic delisting is used, but other blacklists might require you to send an email or a phone call, to substantiate your intention for delisting. Have in mind that delisting can be expedited through a third party, especially one that has a good reputation.

After the delisting process, know the necessary changes you need to adopt to prevent you from getting blacklisted again in the future. This may include email server setting or email format.

Opt-in, Double Opt-in, Opt-out features can also be adopted in your newsletters in the future so that you will not land in the blacklist again. Encourage as well, your clients to place you in their whitelist. For further explanations about delisting, blacklist problem, email format, etc., you can visit

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Profit-Blaster… is delivered by one of the most respected, honest and integrity-driven guys on the Internet (another gem from Graham Hamer).

I have just completed a two week cover-to-cover evaluation and test drive of this latest release from A To Z Internet Marketing Co, and I must say I am more than impressed. Profit-Blaster is not an affiliate marketing opportunity, not just an educational tool. It's much more that that. You get to re-brand the program and keep 100% of all income generated when you sign up new members. You actually get to set your own membership sales price according to your current market demand this is very handy especially if you are targeting newcomers who have very limited finance. Plus it allows you to set your price – test and adjust your sales price until you find what price level best converts for you.

Before we move on, let me reiterate that reselling Profit-Blaster memberships is a great way to earn money, but a quick tour of the members area reveals it is not the only benefit that Profit-Blaster brings you. A quick look round the rest of the site and you'll understand just how much is available to you as a Profit-Blaster member and how cleverly Graham Hamer has slotted in a program synergy that gives all members the opportunity to build a complete online business with a minimal outlay. At the time of writing its only early days for Profit-Blaster however I'll list a couple of options you could fast track how to make money with your membership.

One feature that immediately impressed me was: That there is the opportunity to start making money writing articles for Profit-Blaster from day one (within the hour of day one) with no cash outlay. This is great for those new to Internet marketing or those that have little or no funds to promote their online business. It is also an excellent way to cover your ridiculously low admin/hosting costs of just $9.75 per month and an excellent way to fund the programs so cleverly linked into Profit-Blasters program synergy. Then there's Profit-Blaster itself as a revenue source. As I mention above you get to keep 100% of the sale price (excluding the administration cost), so you could really stop right there.

Reselling Profit-Blaster to others will earn you money. However, by joining the other programs, you also benefit from the referral sales that you will make from the new partners you introduce to Profit-Blaster. --- As you join other modules (recommended partnership programs) in the Profit-Blaster system, you are doing so under the sponsorship of the person who introduced you to Profit-Blaster. This will also happen for you when you start to bring new partners into the program. Profit-Blaster is also an educational tool. As you read the pages in the Members area, you are beginning to understand how 'program synergy' will increase your income.

You'll also learn about how to get traffic to your site, how to write quality ads, how to build your own site (if you want to), and lots of other marketing stuff. If you target market is: Website owners, Internet marketers, Niche marketers. Profit-Blaster should sell well for you. After a really long hard look at the program I am sure eventually, by following the plan within the Members area, you will come to rely less on the "immediate fixes" and more on the "long-term investments" to succeed. I really could not fault Profit-Blaster.

Overall the site delivers all that is promised in the sales page and is definitely one for those new to Internet marketing who need to find their way out of the web. I also have no hesitation recommending Profit-Blaster to any seasoned marketer who wishes to boost their current ebiz portfolio. Highly recommended.


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