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Killer Testimonials and Why YOU Want to Write Them!

By Dan Moses

What's the quickest way to get your name, email, and or website URL added to any sales page for free? Yes, this is almost the most valuable real estate on any website... and you can be there for free!

Ask yourself... when you go to a website for the first time what do you look at? Most people look at the headline first... then the testimonials.

Today we're not going to talk much about how to get testimonials, but instead we're going to learn how to write killer testimonials any webmaster would practically 'pay you' to put on their website.

Why would they do that?

Because testimonials give us (the viewer) a real sense of what to expect out of the product or program at hand. And it builds more trust for the program or product we're viewing.

Not to mention that many times we will click on that persons URL in their testimonial to see who they are (if we don't know them) and what kind of product and service they offer.

The truth is... you never know how much free traffic you will receive from a killer testimonial on a popular website that is seen daily by thousands and thousands of people.

Now we know how valuable testimonials can be and we know that webmasters want them. Not only do they want them, but all you have to do is write a better testimonial than what's currently on the sales page and you should get yours added every time!

It's that simple!

If you can write an honest testimonial better then the best one shown on that web page, then the webmaster is bound to display yours.

Now you might not get the best spot, but it should be good enough. This could be because the webmaster personally knows the person whose testimonial is on top and doesn't want to replace it. Or that person is well known and is giving his site great credibility.

Okay, now we know we want to write some killer testimonials and if we can write the best testimonial on the web page we now know we stand a great chance of getting ours added.

So let's talk about how to write killer testimonials.

Okay, pay attention... this tip I'm about to give you will help you write anything you want on any topic you want including killer testimonials.

What you do is collect as much information about the topic as you can. It's best to copy and paste this content onto a notepad document, or word file.

Usually, collecting about 10 articles or testimonials on a topic you want to write about is good enough.

After you have collected enough information you will need to study it and learn all you can about that subject. Your goal is to absorb as much information about that topic as you can... so that when you sit down to write it, it will just flow out of you in your own words.

It's also a good idea to test or try what you’re teaching before writing about it for more clarity on the topic. In other words, doing it is much better then just knowing about it.

That's the best way to do it, but an easier way would be to take sections of what you have collected and place them on a notepad or word document. Then splice and dice them around until it's not only in your own words, but it sounds good as well.

Of course the more that comes out of you on its own, the better your article will be. Keep in mind, the worst thing you could do would be to just steal someone else's writing or testimonial.

So, make sure you don't just change the words, but change the flow of the testimonial as well.

Okay, now for writing testimonials... first you want to study the testimonials they have on their web page and if you can, try to find something that is missing.

What I mean is, if they have a lot of great testimonials about their product, then write about their affiliate program.

Or if you love their product and everyone else is talking about how easy it was to sell, you talk about what you like about the product.

Try to put yourself in the webmasters shoes and ask yourself, “What is this site missing? What kind of testimonial would complete this sales page?” If you can do this right, you will increase your chances of getting your testimonial added.

Of course you also want to be honest about what you're writing, and make sure that particular site is worthy of your comments before you write them. Especially as your name is on that website for life in most cases.

It can be a tough balance, but if you have a program or product you use and love, then go to that web page, study those testimonials, then go and search other testimonials for ideas on what to say.

Where do you find other testimonials?

Everywhere! Just look at any sales page for them and you're bound to find some.

Once you have written that killer testimonial, then send it to the owner and let him know how much you appreciate his product or service.

Remember, EVERY owner loves to receive killer testimonials.

Go and write one today and try to do this every few weeks. You'll be amazed how your traffic will increase and along with it your link popularity and name awareness will soar.

Okay... get out there and get your name known. :o)

Dan Moses is a 29-year old family man living in Redmond, Oregon who came online over six years ago, and like most of us, planned to set out on a journey of finding his riches on the Internet. Of course, he quickly realized it wasn't as easy as most would have you believe. But that didn't stop Dan... Throughout his journeys he has become quite the entrepreneur by owning and operating close to 10 sites online, the most popular being... Recommended Links:
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3 Little Known Tips that Effect the Uniqueness of Your Traffic

by Dan Moses
-==- -==- -==-

Did you know the uniqueness of your traffic can have a
direct effect on the amount of sales or sign ups you receive
while advertising online especially in the Traffic Exchanges?

Did you know there are times you want unique traffic and
other times you don't?

First off, let me explain what unique traffic is and why you
need to know about it. Unique traffic (when referring to the
traffic exchanges) means that the same person doesn't see
your site within the same 24 hour time period.

This is very important when using the traffic exchanges
because in most cases the traffic is not 100% unique. The
over all average is around 60 - 70% uniqueness per traffic
exchange. You'll tend to find the larger and more active
exchanges to give the best unique traffic because more
people are surfing those exchanges more often... It makes
sense, doesn't it?

A lower uniqueness means that the same person will see
your site over and over again which isn't exactly what you
want...or is it?

Yes, there are times when you want the same person seeing
the same sites over and over again. We call this Saturation
and it is desired when you have a new program or product
you want to advertise as quickly as possible.

It's been a couple of years since we put together a Saturation
campaign. It's best achieved when you can get a large group
of people together to promote the same program or product.

Each member of the group receives a specific schedule on
where to advertise and how. When each member of the group
would advertise the same program or product in one place
we would Saturate that exchange and the results we received
were higher... much higher!

In other words, we would flood specific exchanges with the
same program and when the members saw that program come
up over and over again... they couldn't help it... they wanted
to see what all the fuss was about and most of the time they
would join the program or buy the product just to see what
got so popular all of a sudden.

In this example you wouldn't really care if the traffic is unique.
You want the same person to see the same sites over and
over again until they join or buy (in most cases we would
run a Saturation campaign for a week, or until everyone's
traffic they purchased ran out).

Another reason why you would want a lower unique ratting
is because of (TEBA) Traffic Exchange Brand Awareness
(a new coined phrase that Jon Olson has been preaching a
lot). This is where you focus to Brand you and your programs
and in this case you want to be seen as often as you can.

So, why would someone want to have unique traffic?

Well, in the same way you want some people to see your
site over and over again, there are other times you only
want the same person to see your site once a day.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want unique

You want to reach as many people with your message as
you can and you don't care if they see it more than once
per day.

You don't use a tracker and you want to tell how many
unique page views it takes to generate a sale or sign up.

You've done such a good job of promotion that most
people have joined your program and you're looking
for new unique visitors.

Want to know how to increase the uniqueness of your
traffic? Here's how you can do it...

1. Only add the same URL once.

Most traffic exchange programs will send you more traffic
when you add more than one URL to advertise in their
exchange. If you add the same URL more than once, the
uniqueness of your traffic will go down.

2. Join ad Co-ops

This is a great way to test your Conversation Rates for a
website because most traffic Co-ops will give you close to
100% unique traffic. This is because they have hundreds of
members in their co-op and they advertise in multiple
exchanges... it's extremely hard for the same person to see
the same site more than once.

3. Use a Rotator

This is my favorite because you can advertise more than one
program and get 100% unique traffic flow at the same time.
Not to mention... you can squeeze the highest amount of
traffic out of each exchange (by adding your rotator link as
many times as they let you) while getting that high unique
traffic you want.

How to test for unique traffic:

First, you need a tracking program so that you can add
one tracking link into your rotator and by looking at the
uniqueness of traffic to that one URL. If you know how
unique that one URL is in your rotator, you'll also know
what the other URLs in your rotator are receiving as well
(as long as they're all on the same priority settings in your

Then you can add or take away URLs in your rotator to
increase or decrease the uniqueness of your traffic in the

In Conclusion:

Just like with any trick, tip, or tool you use in your
marketing if you don't test it, it's like throwing darts
in the dark... you'll never know for sure how effective
it was... until you turn the lights on. :o)

Personally, I like both options unique traffic and not so
unique traffic. I like to get my web pages in front of as
many new people as often as I can, but don't mind the
same people seeing it more than once too. This helps
when you're and owner of a program with an affiliate
option... it gets your affiliates to login and get active.

Okay, now that you know how to get unique traffic and
why it can benefit you to do so... go try it for yourself.

Remember to test everything and never give up.
* * * * * * * * * *

You can use this article in your ezine or on your website as
long as the author resource box below is included.


Dan Moses is a 29-year old family man living in Redmond,
Oregon who came online over seven years ago, and like most
of us, planned to set out on a journey of finding his riches
on the Internet. Of course, he quickly realized it wasn't as
easy as most would have you believe. But that didn't stop
Dan... Throughout his journeys he has become quite the
entrepreneur by owning and operating over 10 sites online,
the most popular being... Recommended Links:,,,
Pro Traffic

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